antibiotic drug

antibiotic drug
a chemical substance derivable from a mold or bacterium that can kill microorganisms and cure bacterial infections

when antibiotics were first discovered they were called wonder drugs

Syn: ↑antibiotic
Derivationally related forms: ↑antibiotic (for: ↑antibiotic)
Hypernyms: ↑antibacterial, ↑antibacterial drug, ↑bactericide
actinomycin, ↑amphotericin, ↑antimycin, ↑antineoplastic antibiotic, ↑aztreonam, ↑Azactam, ↑bacitracin, ↑carbomycin, ↑cephaloglycin, ↑Kafocin, ↑cephaloridine, ↑cephalosporin, ↑Mefoxin, ↑chloramphenicol, ↑Chloromycetin, ↑chlortetracycline, ↑Aureomycin, ↑ciprofloxacin, ↑Cipro, ↑cycloserine, ↑dihydrostreptomycin, ↑doxorubicin, ↑doxycycline, ↑Vibramycin, ↑erythromycin, ↑Erythrocin, ↑E-Mycin, ↑Ethril, ↑Ilosone, ↑Pediamycin, ↑gentamicin, ↑Garamycin, ↑gramicidin, ↑kanamycin, ↑Kantrex, ↑lincomycin, ↑Lincocin, ↑mitomycin, ↑Mutamycin, ↑mycomycin, ↑neomycin, ↑fradicin, ↑Neobiotic, ↑novobiocin, ↑nystatin, ↑Mycostatin, ↑Nystan, ↑oxytetracycline, ↑hydroxytetracycline, ↑oxytetracycline hydrochloride, ↑Terramycin, ↑penicillin, ↑polymyxin, ↑Primaxin, ↑pyocyanase, ↑pyocyanin, ↑spectinomycin, ↑streptomycin, ↑streptothricin, ↑subtilin, ↑tobramycin, ↑Nebcin, ↑tyrocidine, ↑tyrocidin, ↑tyrothricin, ↑vancomycin, ↑Vancocin, ↑viomycin, ↑Viocin

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